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secrets and costing american companies hundreds of billions of dollars. china has denied the accusations, calling the report unprofessional and says it, too is a victim of global cyber attacks. but executives from g.e. and american superconductors are expected at the white house today to meet with attorney general eric holder and other cabinet members to talk about the white house strategy. both companies do business with china. house intelligence leaders -- house intelligence committee leaders claim the u.s. lost more than $300 billion due to trade secret cyber theft naming china in particular and calling the degree of theft unprecedented. former congressman jesse jackson jr. is in court today facing charges that he siphoned off campaign funds for personal use. his wife has a separate hearing later this afternoon facing charges she filed false tax returns for the past six years. both are expected to plead guilty but sentencing won't take place for another few weeks. he faces up to five years in prison. her maximum is three. jackson and his wife reportedly took $750,000 of campaign money
, it would create jobs. caller: listen, i just came back from the senate foreign affairs committee from china and taiwan and when you just look at the high speed trains they have and whole network they have compared to what we have here, it is antiquated. we just redid a railroad system, how many jobs that would create and bring us back to the state we are truly behind many countries and technological advances because of that, because we're not investing in it. stephanie: right as the president said, you frame it in jobs, how many companies said they would come here. >> absolutely. stephanie: if we had the infrastructure. caller: i just in the that the president was as you said, looking toward the future, he's leading and i think that the polls show it. over 55% of americans agree with what the president talked about and we've just got to keep pressing the issue and shooting for those goals. i believe that we'll accomplish them in the long run. may not be in his term, however i also think that there's a possibility that americans will see what's happening and hopefully in two years, if they c
. >> caller: yes, at the rate of growth that some countries like china and brazil are growing with the rate of carbon they put into, there's nothing we can do. i'm not making the case that we should don't anything, but we have to realize that there are articles coming out of china where they are walking around with breathing canisters because of how bad their air is. we need to reduce the amount of carbon, but it is going to raise the rate of energy of how much we have to pay for on everything in this country tremendously and even though the job rate is 7, 8%, people are not making as much money and everything is growing in price, and this energy goes along with that as well, it is only going to add to the pressures we all face so there needs to be a push for cheaper energy. >> stephanie: i agree. >> and solar and winds are part of that. and it is not sunnier in germany than it is here. >> stephanie: that was the latest thing we learned from fox news. >> even in cloudy germany, they are getting a lot of bang for their buck. they have ordinary roof tiles all out there ger
a situation where our debt reached such a maximum that we became overly indebted to a government like china for instance. >> stephanie: you're going to need your pistol? >> caller: it's possible. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: i don't believe we should limit it to pistols. >> stephanie: okay. all right. sorry, honey. i appreciate your call. i'm out of time. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> 100 million chinese inveighed the country. you're going to fight them off with a revolver. >> stephanie: a pink pistol. by the way great piece in the times this weekend. u.s. debt not so dire. moderate changes could change the situation for at least a decade. most agree. it is because he brought up the debt. it is an interesting piece about this fearmongering and screaming we did debt ceiling hostage crisis and all of that stuff. anyway, so not to discount your fear that we're going to be overtaken. >> well, yeah. that's paranormal. >> stephanie: we'll talk about this and much more as we continue. 19 minutes after the hour. it is "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: funny how. funny like she
on television that he has to reach out and have a "nixon goes china" moment in which he like adopts some of the plan that was completely rejected by the voters in the fall. >> nobody writes about irritation with sunday shows better you do. you share my -- that's what i screamed to david gregory. i'm going to start texting him during his -- it really is, the president needs to reach out more. that's the mean every week, right? >> the president should reach out more. he doesn't have to reach out on anything else, just that. as mike murphy said this weekend. that means making the beneficiaries pay more. that's the way we're going to solve our long term debt problem. stephanie: if i have to hear that one more time, the president needs to lead. >> guess what, he is leading not the direct you want him to go. stephanie: we may be down one side of the partisan divide. you can't keep saying it's both sides, the president needs to do more. it is the house republicans, that is the problem, right? they can't seem to me coherently explain why they are on the wrong side of every issue. >> the clearest
kind of crazy here. that you're having this debate. while they're running out and trying to -- china is building 20 new airports. big airports. and we've got these other things going on to build infrastructure including technology. >> stephanie: we hear the same refrain. we have a spending problem. that's all they ever talk about. >> entitlements, entitlements. >> stephanie: right. i know -- who is it? cantor is on tv today this morning, saying the president didn't put forth any plan on the sequester. yes, he did. he's been very clear. >> he has been very clear. stephanie, what we have is a governing problem in our country. we need -- we need people willing to sit down and work things out and make tough decisions. when we pass our five-year farm bill in the senate last year, we looked at every page, decided what works what doesn't. we actually eliminated 100 different things that either hadn't been used well, didn't work. eliminated a big government subsidies for ag. and saved $23 billion. at the same time, we refocused on the future with local food systems and farmer's markets and y
of goods being shipped to china. and i think the gop is willing to let us hit the skwooes ration for all of the reasons you just listed to hurt the american people. they know they have the gun crazy people who would never vote for the democrats who are after their guns. i think it's a gamble they are willing to take. they took a gamble with romney, and it didn't pay off, and they tried to mess up obama's first term, and it didn't pay off, and now they have an opportunity to mess up his recovery so say he is an unvalid president. all of these crazy republicans will come out voting for their guns. >> stephanie: yeah. absolutely. yeah. it was really -- it was a startling moment john mccain talking to a parent -- it's just -- that's who they become. there's nothing human. it's just about oh no that's not going to happen. fifty-eight minutes after the hour. back with charlie pierce and more on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ [♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello. hour number 2, current tv land. jacki schechner? >> yes. >> stephanie: i don't know if you heard rude pun
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7